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Building Management Systems Consulting

Complex mechanical, electrical, and plumbing infrastructures require Building Management Systems (BMS) in order to maintain the comfort, safety, and efficiency of a building. Partner’s MEP engineers have experience collaborating with clients to design automated systems to provide constant monitoring, optimizing, and reporting for their facilities.

Building Management Systems (BMS), also called building automation systems, are critical for operating complex mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems optimally. The four basic functions of a central, computer-controlled building management or automation system are controlling, monitoring, optimizing, and reporting the building’s facilities, mechanical, and electrical equipment for comfort, safety, and efficiency. Partner’s mechanical and electrical engineers and plumbing and HVAC experts have experience consulting with clients to design buildings where BMS are a part of the facility master plan.

What does Building Automation control?

BMS controls and monitors the building’s mechanical and electrical components such as:

Benefits of Building Management Systems

  • Effective monitoring and targeting of energy consumption
  • Time and money savings during the maintenance
  • Flexibility on change of building use
  • Remote Monitoring of the plants (such as AHU's, Fire pumps, plumbing pumps, Electrical supply, STP, WTP etc.)
  • Ease of information availability problem
  • Computerized maintenance scheduling