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Electrical, IT, and Communications System Design

Partner's electrical engineers understand the importance of an effective, efficient, multi-service electrical system. Our experienced professionals will design electrical, IT, and communication systems that will evolve with your building and it's tenants over the life of your property.

Partner’s electrical engineers are on the forefront of electrical system design. The ability of electrical building systems to match continuously increasing demands is tested to the extreme now more than ever. The electrical components of building design are a critical element in the efficiency and longevity of building operations. An inadequate or unreliable electrical system can quickly render a building obsolete and dilute its financial worth. We design electrical systems to meet the next generation of technological growth for complex applications in a wide range of facilities such as military installations, financial institutions, educational facilities, post offices, correctional facilities, hospitals, and commercial real estate.

Uniquely positioned with practices in both facilities engineering and telecommunications consulting and construction, the professionals at Partner specialize in designing cutting-edge, cost-effective power and technology systems that keep your organization's facilities functional and reliable.

  • Complete Building Power Distribution
  • Medium and High Voltage Building Service Design
  • Emergency Power and Standby Power Generation Plants
  • Special Grounding Systems
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems
  • Clean Power Systems

Mission Critical Systems (Data Center Back-up Power)

It is imperative that critical system facilities remain reliable and operable on a 24X7 basis. Disaster recovery sites, data/telecommunications and internet communications facilities play an integral part in maintaining the stability of our global infrastructure. We craft and develop flexible, reliable power infrastructure to meet these needs.

Low voltage/telecomm (Fiber Optic Wiring and Communications)

A necessary element of any technology-based facility is its infrastructure. Increasingly, facilities rely on a variety of information technology systems both to carry out their day-to-day operations and to satisfy their overall mission. Partner has specialized expertise to analyze, plan, and design the backbone infrastructure and spaces, which connect the various systems integral to technology-based facilities.

A successful detailed “systems” design approach is essential in order to produce a highly effective, scalable, and flexible infrastructure. We treat information technology as a utility: each project’s low voltage system can be thought of as an application that rides on top of an information technology backbone. Our services include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Voice over IP
  • Broadcast Video
  • Data Management
  • Integrated Data Systems
  • Distance Learning Systems
  • High Speed Internet Access
  • Building Automation Systems (BAS)
  • Client/Server Hardware & Software
  • LAN—Local Area Network Configuration
  • WAN—Wide Area Network Configuration
  • Telecommunications Cabling Infrastructure
  • Wireless Data—WiFi & RFID Applications
  • Central Branch Exchange Telephone System (CENTREX)

Fire & Life Safety / Fire Alarms, Emergency Egress Lighting, PA Systems

Under emergency circumstances, it is essential to have alarm and detection systems in place to containing smoke and fire, alert occupants, and assist in the safe evacuation of the facility. From fire detection to security systems, developing automated building controls is a complex process and at Partner we enter the building design project at its very inception. Understanding facility needs and the accompanying automated systems early on ensures a cost-effective, reliable end product. Our building automation systems can integrate all building functions including lighting, HVAC control, security systems, and fire alarm systems into one computer controlled system. Partner recognizes the importance of proper design of such systems:

Energy Efficiency

Partner provides the building design of all energy consuming elements, focusing on the most efficient operation system components, based on energy conserving techniques. Our typical designs meet or exceed the applicable energy performance standards to provide the owner with the highest benefits relating to energy conservation measured over the lifecycle of the building. We are knowledgeable in the Green Building Rating System, as prescribed by the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program developed by the U. S. Green Building Design Council and have documented, checked and conformed a number of building designs to comply with the LEED program, including new buildings and large additions to existing buildings.

Renewable Power

Not only do we design needed infrastructure to connect facilities and buildings to the utility power grid, we are equally committed to and proficient in creating renewable energy strategies and system designs to offset the need for utility power. We incorporate cogeneration systems, combined heat and power (CHP) systems, fuel cell and micro turbines as strategies to produce on-site power systems. Leveraging natural resources for renewable power, where applicable, is equally important and we are experienced in a full range of photovoltaic applications and deisgns (150K-15MW). Wind and geothermal systems round out the full complement of renewable systems which we embrace, design, and employ.