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HVAC and Mechanical Systems Design

Partner's mechanical engineers understand the importance of efficient heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. Our professionals have experience designing innovative systems that will provide thermal comfort and indoor air quality for building inhabitants.

Partner’s mechanical engineers are experienced with all aspects of designing HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) and other mechanical systems for a wide variety of facilities, both new and converted. We are experts in designing HVAC systems for facilities where air quality is of the utmost importance, including healthcare and educational facilities.

For building conversion projects, we recognize the importance of quantifying the extent to which the existing HVAC and mechanical systems are adequate for the new use of the building, and also whether they meet current codes. Many older ventilation systems frequently fall short of today’s codes, but often the central boilers, chillers, and related equipment are possible reuse candidates. With HVAC and mechanical systems factoring in a significant portion of the interior retrofit costs in most buildings, it is critical to establish the system reuse capability early on in order to solidify your project budget.

Our Engineering Staff Specializes in:

  • Air Conditioning and heating
  • Ventilation
  • Environmental Controls
  • Indoor Air quality assessments
  • Industrial kitchen exhaust systems
  • Industrial vehicle exhaust systems
  • Automated building controls
  • Boiler room design
  • Chiller Plant Design
  • Pool dehumidification
  • Data Center Environmental Control
  • Condition Analysis Reporting
  • Special Hospital and Isolation Systems
  • Industrial Ventilation
  • Pharmaceutical and Laboratory Ventilation Systems
  • Potable Water Systems