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Plumbing System Design

Partner Engineering and Science, Inc.'s design engineers understand the importance of an efficient and cost-effective plumbing system. Our professionals know that an effective, well-designed plumbing system will reduce operating costs and increase the sustainability of the overall operating building infrastructure.

Partner’s plumbing engineers work with our mechanical and site civil engineers when designing storm water, sewer, natural gas, fire suppression water, domestic water, irrigation water, and other special water and waste systems. The plumbing engineer is in a key position to influence the water efficiency, sustainability, energy efficiency, and pollution control performance metrics of a facility. Because of the broad scope of responsibilities and areas of overlap with other design professionals, our plumbing engineers collaborate with the project team as early as possible.

Plumbing is a seemingly simple part of a building's mechanical system. Yet various building applications call for complex and unique plumbing requirements. A well-planned, well-designed plumbing system can substantially reduce construction costs and provide flexibility in future building alterations. In some of the more complex buildings, such as medical facilities, food service and correctional facilities, the plumbing design is a critical aspect of the operational systems. Partner understands the benefits of an efficiently designed and cost effective plumbing plan and takes pride in the important role our designs play in a building's operation.

We specialize in the following plumbing services:

  • Potable Water Systems
  • Domestic Hot Water Heating Systems
  • Sewer/Waste Systems (Sanitary & Storm)
  • Fire Protection Systems
  • Chemical Distribution Systems
  • Compressed Gas Piping
  • Medical Air Piping
  • Oxygen Piping
  • Vacuum Piping
  • Natural Gas Piping
  • Food Service Design