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Alternative Financing for Energy Projects

Partner’s energy financing specialists help clients identify and realize funding opportunities to assist with the implementation of energy upgrades.

Energy Services Contracting

Partner’s Alternative Financing Consulting Services can help clients identify new sources to fund energy efficiency and renewable energy projects while leveraging existing funds. Partner can identify and realize financing opportunities to assist the client with the implementation of energy projects to meet regulatory demands and/or business goals for energy efficiency.


Partner can help to facilitate energy services contracts –  including Energy Saving Performance Contract (ESPC), Utility Energy Services Contracts (UESC) or Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) – to enable clients to leverage funds by sourcing third-party financing for their projects. These methods work by relying on guaranteed energy savings to repay the Energy Service Company’s investment once the energy project is completed.

Partner’s Alternative financing services

Partner can assist the client with the following steps of the alternative financing process:

  • Manage client qualification and selection process
  • Conduct a preliminary assessment to identify appropriate energy efficiency measures and determine anticipated return on investment
  • Evaluate and secure financing opportunities
  • Monitor and verify anticipated savings against actual savings