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Design and Implementation

Providing the turn-key solutions and support needed to successfully develop and implement clients’ energy efficiency projects.

Partner’s professionals can take clients from the design through permitting, construction and verification of energy efficiency measures identified and recommended during energy audits and (retro) commissioning studies. We provide the turn-key solutions and support needed to successfully develop and implement our clients’ energy efficiency projects.

Energy System Design

Partner’s highly certified team of engineers, architects and energy professionals will work together to design and develop the appropriate building systems and energy conserving measures for our clients. Our designers focus on upgrading the operational energy efficiency of system components to create optimal payback periods and return on investment, ensuring our clients obtain the greatest benefit from recommended energy conservation measures.

Our designs meet or exceed all applicable energy performance standards.

Energy System Implementation Support

Once a client has decided to move forward with an energy efficiency project, our professionals will provide comprehensive implementation support. Our services include:

  • Determining the exact scope of work; what to do and how to do it
  • Performing a 100% walkthrough (20% walk through for protocols require sampling)
  • Assembling performance specifications,
  • Engineering (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing)
  • Architectural plans
  • Bid documents
  • Project and Construction Management
  • Commissioning / Retro-Commissioning

Quality Assurance Verification

After the implementation stage of a project, we can conduct a targeted verification process to ensure energy efficiency recommendations are implemented per specifications, to check product specifications, to check control sequences and to provide a commissioning plan.

Our quality assurance process includes oversight of construction, contracting, and commissioning or verification plans.