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Energy Master Planning

Partner's energy engineers provide clients with a road map to optimize energy systems and control the utility demand of their building.

Through our Energy consulting practice, Partner provides comprehensive Energy Master Planning services that provide our clients with a road map to optimize energy systems and use and control the utility demand of their building. The aim of the Energy Master Plan is to provide an “across-the-board” plan for managing energy – including energy consumption, purchase, and financing – allowing clients to make smarter energy decisions.

An Energy Master Plan – controlling costs in a deregulated energy market

A comprehensive energy master plan involves conducting a cost-benefit analysis that considers the performance of existing equipment and makes recommendations for improvements to advance efficiency, and thus reduce a building’s energy costs and GHG emissions. Such energy efficiency improvements may also assist buildings to become eligible for energy efficiency rating programs such as LEED or utility and government programs.

The Energy Master Plan allows an entity to proactively address energy costs and the impact that operations have on the environment, both today and into the future. Implementation of the plan will:

  • Provide a comprehensive understanding of energy consumption and cost for each facility and process
  • Increase the use of renewable energy sources, thereby further reducing overall energy costs
  • Develop an inventory of greenhouse gas emissions and a strategy to reduce these emissions
  • Provide a more ecologically friendly and a healthier environment for employees and the surrounding community

The energy master plan is a vehicle to help implement sustainable standards and corporate strategies related to sustainability. It is a living document that is constantly being refined with new sustainable energy, cost, and greenhouse gas savings strategies as they develop.

Partner Energy Master Planning Services

Working with input from building owners, tenants, and architects, Partner provides a full facility infrastructure and energy consumption assessment to develop a plan for the best use of its space and identify the most essential infrastructure improvements.

The long-term utility plan begins at the purchase of energy and other utilities, and covers all aspects of their use, distribution, measurement, and minimization of waste.