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Energy Modeling

Working with the best energy engineers to determine optimal energy efficiency measures.

Partner’s national team of licensed Professional Engineers (PEs) has extensive expertise and experience in energy modeling services, utilizing both spreadsheets with temperature-bin methods and sophisticated energy modeling tools such as Trane Trace, Carrier HAP, Energy Plus, DOE 2.x, and eQuest (The Quick Energy Simulation Tool).

Our energy modeling services calculate the potential energy changes associated with implementing various energy efficiency measures and are provided as part of the energy audit and or retrocommissioning processes.

Why Energy Modeling?

The U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Rating System (LEED™), along with most government energy incentive programs, require energy modeling to assess the energy use of a building and to quantify the savings attributable to the proposed design.

Energy Modeling uses computer-based tools to simulate the energy use of a building throughout an entire year of operation, also known as “annual energy use simulation”. Partner’s professionals will evaluate, calibrate, and interpret these results to identify opportunities for energy efficiency improvements.

Energy modeling is key to the energy engineering function and should be performed early to inform the design and decision making process, from the programming stage through post-occupancy and measurement and verification of energy reduction projects. Energy modeling can help to optimize the building design plan and ensure it prioritizes investment in the strategies that will most significantly reduce the building’s energy use.

Modeling recommended energy efficiency measures demonstrate the anticipated minimum energy reductions which can help buildings receive funding through energy efficiency incentive programs. Our specialty expertise has enabled our clients to comply with regulations and benefit from numerous local and federal project financing opportunities.