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Pay for Performance Program

Our New Jersey specialists have the local knowledge to help clients take full advantage of available clean energy incentives/initiatives.

Pay for Performance - New Jersey Clean Energy Program (NJCEP)

Pay for Performance is a New Jersey Board of Public Utility (NJBPU) Clean Energy Program (CEP) initiative that targets a whole-facility approach to energy management. The program works to improve the energy efficiency of both existing and planned facilities including commercial buildings, hospitals, hotels, casinos, office buildings, multifamily buildings, schools, and more. The Pay for Performance Program can provide clients with the potential to save 15% or more in the amount of energy consumed.

A multitude of building types are candidates for the Pay for Performance program due to their sizable energy usage and their energy savings potential. By taking a comprehensive approach to energy management for facilities, Partner can help clients earn incentives directly linked to savings. The Pay for Performance program pays an initial incentive to defray the cost of establishing an energy savings plan and then pays additional incentives based on the projected energy savings and the energy actually saved. These incentives can amount up to 50% of the project costs.

In order to qualify for the Pay for Performance program, a facility must utilize a NJBPU Approved Partner for both the Existing Building and New Construction Programs. Partner is an NJBPU Approved Partner and is an expert in cost-saving design and engineering solutions.

Partner is well versed in energy savings opportunities including energy conservation measures (ECMs), performance criteria, and capital costs. Partner is able to use this knowledge to facilitate the receipt of incentives from NJPBU; prepare all required reports, documentation, and submissions; and identify all potential sources of funding and incentives.


We guide our clients through every step of the process from depositing all required information and materials to explaining program requirements to contractors and properly representing recommendations in specifications and submissions. Partner is also able to provide engineering services, or a collaborative consultation with a design team, for many aspects of a facility’s infrastructure including combined heat and power systems.

Partner can follow through with inspection, measurement, verification of installed energy conservation measures, and can assist with the acquisition of desired certifications, such as Energy Star. Partner can provide:

  • Knowledge of energy savings opportunities including energy conservation measures (ECMs), performance criteria and capital costs
  • Depository of all required information and materials
  • Preparation of all required reports, documentation and submissions
  • Acquisition of desired certifications such as Energy Star
  • Facilitation of receipt of incentives from NJBPU
  • Identification of all potential funding sources and grants/incentives
  • Combined heat and power systems
  • Engineering services or collaborative consultation with a design team
  • Assurance that all recommendations are properly represented in specifications and submissions
  • Explanation of program requirements to contractors
  • Inspection, measurement and verification of installed energy conservation measures