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Geotechnical Services

Partner Engineering and Science, Inc. provides geotechnical investigations.

The evaluation of geotechnical site conditions is often the first step in the new development process. This can be critical in planning property enhancements or completing detailed Property Condition Assessments of sites with known or suspected structural problems. Partner can provide geotechnical consulting services during any project phase. With a national network of highly qualified engineers, Partner delivers targeted, cost-effective geotechnical solutions to our clients around the country.

What are the Geotechnical Methods and Techniques?

Our Geotechnical Services team follows a proven process, using existing private and public data sources, to carefully scope, price, and execute each project to meet the specific needs of the client. We communicate during each step of the process to confirm proper site access and field coordination and to set expectations for timelines of geotechnical fieldwork and deliverables. This includes services such as geologic reconnaissance, utility clearance, forensic investigations, coring (Asphalt Cores) in pavement or floor slabs, soil borings (drilling), soil infiltration testing, compaction testing, etc. For a more comprehensive list of techniques Partner employs, click over to our “glossary page.”

Once the fieldwork is done, we perform laboratory testing as needed and utilize appropriate engineering analysis for recommendations. Our recommendations will help you with budgeting, designing, building, and maintaining your assets while meeting the requirements of the International Code Council (ICC) and other relevant jurisdictions. We can also support you in the event expert services are needed with highly customized reports with actionable and decisive opinions. For a list of laboratory and engineering analyses that Partner employs, click over to our “glossary page."