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Geotechnical Design Reports for proposed new developments

Geotechnical Design Reports, or Geotechnical Reports, are prepared in support of new developments. Most permitted new construction under the jurisdiction of building departments, public works, state and federal agencies or heavy industrial users require a geotechnical engineer to provide soil design parameters and construction recommendations for use during project design and construction. Partner coordinates with stakeholder groups and completes its geotechnical services on-time and on-budget, even if that means expediting the work to advance the development process. Partner’s nationwide network of field engineers and drilling vendors are capable of providing geotechnical explorations of any kind, for any project, in any location in the United States. Our certified testing laboratory performs the needed testing prescribed by our engineers. Geotechnical Design Reports provide relevant project information which may include a wide variety of parameters such as soil bearing capacity, settlement estimates, lateral earth pressures, expansion potential, seismic parameters, infiltration/percolation rates, aquifer transmissivity, groundwater levels, quantification of hard dig, requirements for subgrade preparation, or site improvements, and others. For a list of parameters described in detail please check out our “glossary” page.