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New Jersey Right to Know Public School Services

Partner’s Health & Safety professionals have assisted public schools throughout the State of New Jersey with their Right to Know (RTK) surveys. We work with our clients to conduct a yearly chemical inventory and submit a complete and accurate RTK survey.

Partner has worked with K-12 public schools across the state of New Jersey to submit their Right to Know (RTK) surveys to NJDOH and comply with applicable RTK regulations. Whether you are a district of 1 school or 50 schools, the RTK survey can be a tedious process.

In order to be in compliance, a full comprehensive RTK inventory needs to be complete for each facility in the school district. The school facilities that are required to be reported include any Preschools, Elementary Schools, Middle Schools, High School, Vocational Schools, Maintenance Facilities, Mechanic Shops, Field Houses, Stadiums, etc. Once your facilities have been identified, the next step is to conduct your RTK chemical inventory.

Partner works with our K-12 clients to conduct a physical inventory of all applicable locations in order to catalog product/chemical name of identifiable substances, the type of container used to store the substance, the amount of substance found on-site, the chemical state (solid, liquid, or gas) of the substance, the manufacturer and/or supplier name and address, and the type of label on the substance.

The RTK chemical inventory must be done accurately and annually to ensure the RTK Survey is being submitted with the correct information. The RTK chemical inventory must include every chemical in every facility in the district. As an example of a typical High School the areas to be inventoried would be: Art Room, Auto Classrooms, Boiler Room, Biology Classrooms, Cafeteria, Custodial Storage, Custodial Closets, Chemistry Classrooms, Home Economics Classrooms, Field House, Garages, Industrial Arts Classrooms, Nurses Office, Photography Classrooms, Trainer’s Office, Welding Classrooms, and Wood Shop.

Partner has worked with public agencies across the state of New Jersey to submit their RTK surveys to NJDOH, including Avon by the Sea BOE, Bay Head BOE, Bayonne BOE, Berkeley Township BOE, Bloomfield Township BOE, Cranford BOE, Eatontown BOE, Elizabeth BOE, Essex County Technical & Vocational School, Glen Ridge BOE, Glen Rock BOE, Hoboken BOE, Howell Township BOE, Kenilworth BOE, Morris Union Jointure Commission, Queen City Academy, Hudson County School of Technology, Middlesex County Technical & Vocational School, Roselle BOE, Union County Education Service Commission, Union County Vocational & Technical School, Wall Township BOE, and Winfield Township BOE.