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Accessibility & ADA Surveys (As-Built)

Partner’s team of certified surveyors provide assessments of existing buildings or construction projects to verify compliance with regulations set out in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Accessibility & ADA Surveys

Partner can assist clients (including building owners, property managers, government agencies, and educational institutions) to ensure all buildings are constructed and operated in compliance with ADA. Before commencing the survey, we will work with the client to determine the appropriate scope of work to meet all specific needs.

The survey will verify all public accessible spaces including: parking lots, entrances, elevators, pathways, signage etc. Partner’s ADA verification services can also be offered as a pre-design survey that is based on existing plans and file reviews.

Should a building or construction project be found not to meet the requirements of ADA, Partner has the full site civil engineering and design capability and expertise to help clients achieve compliance, including Land Use Planning, Land Use Regulatory Permitting, Feasibility Studies and Construction Phase Planning.