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Global Positioning Surveys

Global Positioning Systems (GPS) provides highly accurate surveys much faster than conventional surveying. Partner's professional land surveyors are experienced with the equipment required to collect GPS mapping and modeling measurements.

Partner’s GPS Survey Services

Partner continues to invest in the latest developments of GPS technology. RTK (Real Time Kinematic) Surveying is the preferred method for performing a variety of survey functions that include construction layout, topographic and as-built surveys, wetland locations, photo control, and hydrographic surveys.

Partner’s also utilizes Differential Rapid Static GPS. This enables our field surveyors to complete projects in less time with fewer personnel, therefore reducing project costs to the client.

Services include:

  • Precise Point Positioning
  • Aerial Photo Control
  • Network Adjustment
  • Real Time Differential Surveying
  • Horizontal & Vertical Control
  • Wetlands
  • Topographic Surveys
  • As-Built/Record Surveys
  • Construction Stakeout