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Historic Landscape Preservation

Historical landscapes, buildings, and other features require identification and diligent preservation before any renovations or disturbances occur at the site. Partner’s landscape architects ensure that concept plans are designed to accommodate and preserve elements of historical significance.

Historical Landscape Preservation

Historic Landscape Preservation is the process of preserving, conserving, and protecting landscapes, buildings, or other objects of historical significance. Partner’s Landscape Architects strive to identify and document these historic sites and structures before any renovations or other types of disturbances occur at a site. Partner’s site civil and design engineers can then ensure that conceptual plans are built to appropriately accommodate and preserve historical significance.

What are some types of historic landscapes that require preservation?

  • Cultural landscape as a combined work of nature and man over time
  • Gardens and parklands associated with religion or other monumental buildings
  • Relict (or fossil) landscape which is still visible in material form
  • Continuing landscape which is associated with an active traditional way of life
  • Associative cultural landscape which is justified by religious, artistic, or cultural associations of a natural element