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Landscape Master Planning

A Landscape Master Plan is a long-term, comprehensive strategy for designing a multi-step or multi-location landscape project. Partner’s Landscape Architects work with our clients to understand their goals and visions when creating their Master Plan.

Landscape Master Planning

Rather than designing one facility, a landscape master plan incorporates all aspects of the landscape project which could include parks, public buildings, urban redesign plans, and streetscape elements. In conjunction with our engineers, planners, and LEED-accredited professionals, Partner assesses community resources, conducts an existing condition assessment/feasibility study, creates the conceptual design, and provides construction cost and contract documents for any Landscape Master Plan.

Elements included in a Landscape Master Plan:

  • General recreation areas
  • Passive recreation areas
  • Decorative landscaping for facility ‘curb appeal’
  • Walking paths and multi-use trails
  • Recreational structures
  • Streetscapes
  • Playgrounds
  • Picnic areas
  • Athletic Fields
  • Pools and spray parks
  • Parking Lots