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Land Use Regulatory Permitting

In order to develop any parcel of land, there must be a permit approving the proposed land use. Partner's permitting experts can assist clients with the permitting process for any development project.

Land Use Permitting

Land use regulations are generally governed by a variety of federal, state, and local ordinances and municipal zoning ordinances. These ordinances determine the zoning for each parcel of land, known as by-right uses (which can be residential, open space, commercial, etc.).

Securing land use permits ensures that current or proposed land uses consider all viable factors, which includes the environmental constraints, population density, commerce, traffic and roadway capacities, storm water management, utility availability and general benefit of the land’s (potential) use.

Partner employs a large number of regulatory permitting specialists around the country. We have the required local regulatory knowledge and experience to assist our clients with the permitting process for any development project.

Some land use permits cover the following areas:

  • Wetlands
  • Floodplains
  • Streams
  • Environmentally sensitive areas, such as wooded areas
  • Open space
  • Contaminated areas