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Structural Expert Witness Services

Whether you’re assessing exposure, investigating a claim, entering negotiations or approaching a legal dispute, Partner’s structural engineers can provide the consulting support or expert witness testimony required to address the most complex cases. Claims adjusters, attorneys and real estate owners rely on our structural expert witnesses to provide clarity and credibility in matters regarding structural design or building construction. Our structural engineering experts include numerous Professional Engineers who can opine on structural failure and structural fatigue as well as structural systems such as trusses and underpinning. Because Partner is a multi-disciplinary consulting firm, our structural engineering team is supported by experts in related disciplines such as civil engineering, construction, building subspecialties, and forensic engineering.

Structural Engineering Experts

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William (Bill) Easley, PE, has over 50 years of experience in providing engineering, construction, and real estate services. He manages the performance of Property Condition Assessments, building envelope services, and facilities-related services including remediation design for the real estate industry. He has experience performing structural and drainage investigations and design, commercial and industrial construction, performance management and coordination, real estate development, and production and marketing of engineering design.

Jeffrey S. Falero, PE, has 25 years of continuous practice in the fields of civil and structural engineering, including structural design and seismic retrofit of bridges, buildings and building systems. His experience includes diverse projects ranging from highway bridges to hospitals, and includes complex sites such as mining facilities, manufacturing plants and airports. He has performed hundreds of seismic assessments and plan check services for commercial and residential projects. Mr. Falero holds professional engineering licenses in California, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, Washington, Oregon and Puerto Rico. 

Jay Kumar, PE, has over 10 years of experience with seismic design, seismic due diligence and structural engineering, particularly with the design and construction of tall buildings within the Los Angeles and San Francisco Bay areas. Jay’s areas of focus have been structural forensic investigations, structural and seismic analysis, and seismic risk consulting for property owners, investors, brokers and lenders around the country. As an expert in the field of seismic risk, Mr. Kumar has written and spoken extensively on the topics of seismic design, construction, as well as seismic retrofitting ordinances and compliance.

Tyler Palmatary, PE, has more than 16 years of specialized experience in forensic foundation investigations and remedial drainage designs. He has more than 16 years of experience performing Property Condition Assessments on retail, multifamily, industrial buildings, office/warehouse, and low-, mid- and high-rise buildings. He has provided expert witness services for building condition assessments on a site which included approximately 4.8 million square feet of rentable building space in 161 structures built from the early 1940s to 1980s. He has provided expert testimony for foundation and roofing cases as well.

Jane Powell, PE, specializes in structural forensics. Her experience encompasses commercial, industrial, governmental and residential projects including historically registered buildings. Among the first to assess property damage after Hurricane Harvey, Ms. Powell is an expert in emergency response assessments and remedial repair recommendations for distressed and/or damaged structures. She routinely directs and reviews structural and seismic assessments for new or existing buildings and provides litigation support for high profile structural failure litigation.