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Brad Sims

Brad Sims is a Relationship Manager with nearly 10 years of experience in real estate development and construction management. Mr. Sims is experienced in the construction cycle from design, planning, sub-trades, site logistics, field coordination, building regulation, and project schedule for diverse properties including retail shopping malls and mixed-use developments. He has managed $40M, or 700,000 square feet of new development in northern California. He is well-versed in the multidisciplinary engineering and environmental services required by architects, developers, builders, engineers, subcontractors, municipalities, and other stakeholders. Mr. Sims also has more than a decade of experience in custom relationship management during which he oversaw the day-to-day operations of a large construction supply retail business.

His responsibilities include consultation on-site development and environmental matters, regional client management, multi-scope contract negotiation/execution, project management, and technical report quality control. His regional expertise compliments a wide variety of Partner projects and client types including retail developers, mixed-use developers, asset management/investment groups, and commercial real estate brokers and attorneys.