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Zoning Reports

Partner’s zoning team is among the largest and most reputable in the commercial real estate industry. We provide commercial zoning assessments for Northern America, including the United States, Mexico, and Canada. Led by a knowledgeable staff of zoning specialists, Partner helps clients identify potential risks and gives them the tools necessary to make informed decisions about their transaction requirements. Our trained professionals have a proven track record in collaborating with municipalities, title companies, and surveyors, which makes the due diligence easy on you. Our team is there to assist with any of your transactions, whether it’s a single site or a portfolio.

Why Partner Zoning Reports?

Verifying pertinent zoning information requires industry experience, subject matter expertise, and collaboration with the local municipalities.

  • Trusted by Lenders: Partner provides zoning reports that meet lender requirements and help deals get closed on time. Our zoning reports provide information for 3-06, 3.1-06, and 3.2-06 zoning endorsements as required for the ALTA (American Land Title Association) Survey.
  • Bundled with an ALTA Survey: When bundled with an ALTA Survey, Partner’s Zoning Reports create a clear portrait of the subject property and help you mitigate risks. Our zoning and survey staff can operate concurrently to save time and ensure data alignment.
  • Tech-Enabled Approach: Partner’s experienced zoning researchers and analysts utilize proprietary technology with an integrated municipality database. Our technology offers advanced project mobilization and transparent communication.
  • Consultative Expertise: Our experts analyze and interpret the nuances and complexities of zoning code regulations and their potential impact on your property. With care and attention, we anticipate our clients’ needs and proactively see projects through.
  • Due Diligence Easy Button: As the industry leader in due diligence services, Partner’s nationwide, multidisciplinary team offers a full suite of assessments, including Phase I Environmental Site Assessment, Property Conditions Assessment, ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey, Zoning Report, and specialty reports. We can perform these services concurrently to save time and ensure consistent data throughout. Partner’s assessments and solutions support the lifecycle of real estate from acquisition to development, construction, asset management, and disposition.

Frequently Asked Questions

Zoning is a system of codes used to develop a municipality, generally a city or county, in which various geographic areas or ” zones” contain different allowances and restrictions. Zoning is the key to future development within the municipality and adapts to current and future predicted trends within various zones. Zoning is used as a resource to protect existing neighborhoods, develop new neighborhoods, and redevelop or revitalize older neighborhoods.

Zoning assessments help you understand the risks associated with the uses of your property. Zoning due diligence is a necessary process in every commercial real estate investment transaction. Lenders, insurers, and buyers minimize risks to ensure their investment is smart, safe, and profitable.

Lenders generally require a property to comply with zoning ordinances before issuing a loan. If a property becomes legally nonconforming, commonly called “grandfathered,” lenders require a certain damage and reconstruction threshold percentage to minimize the risk to their investment again.

With zoning codes ever-changing, Partner’s team of experts can help you analyze and mitigate risks associated with the uses of your property.

Digging Deeper

Types of Zoning Assessments

Partner performs several types of zoning assessments for commercial real estate properties nationwide. Click i below for more information.

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