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Owner's Representative Services

As an owner’s representative, Partner offers the technical expertise and project experience to ensure successful project outcomes. Beginning with a thorough understanding of your business objective, Partner can tailor a strategy to meet your needs, from preconstruction to project closeout. We function as an extension of your team through open collaboration and clear communication—tracking issues, facilitating solutions, and delivering accurate and timely information throughout the lifecycle of your project. Partner’s owner’s representative services provide peace of mind to project owners by allowing them to focus on core business practices and remain confident that their trusted representative is protecting their interests.

Partner’s technical leadership consists of a deep bench of experts with a presence throughout the United States. With consistent reporting and responsive service, our team of professionals offers the expertise and prudent judgment to ensure your project’s success.

What's Involved

Services provided include:

  • Program Development
  • Sourcing/Qualifying A&E Project Team
  • Coordination with A&E Team
  • Scope Development
  • Retain Contractors
    • Solicit Bids
    • Review Bids and Value Engineering
    • Provide Recommendation for Best Fit
Construction / Project Oversight
Solutions Management
  • Address Project Issues; Provide Recommendations and Solutions
Project Hand-over
Project Documentation
  • Executive Summary Reports

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Frequently Asked Questions

An owner’s representative, also known as an owner’s agent or project manager, is a professional hired by the owner to represent their interests and oversee various aspects of a construction project on their behalf.

The responsibilities of an owner’s representative may include overseeing the design and construction phases of the project, managing project budget and schedule, coordinating with architects, engineers, contractors, and subcontractors, facilitating communication among project stakeholders, conducting regular site inspections, and resolving disputes or issues that may arise during construction.

Expertise: Provides specialized knowledge in construction processes, contracts, and risk management.
Time Savings: Frees up the owner’s time to focus on core business activities.
Cost Control: Helps manage project budget and identify potential cost savings.
Improved Communication: Facilitates communication between all project stakeholders.
Risk Mitigation: Proactively identifies and manages potential project risks

Project planning and feasibility studies
Design review and analysis
Procurement and bid evaluation
Construction contract administration
Cost control and budget management
Schedule monitoring and progress reporting
Quality control inspections
Change order management
Risk management and mitigation strategies
Construction closeout and handover

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