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Building Efficiency Engineering

Partner recommends fiscally sound solutions to reduce energy usage and cost that will reflect clients’ business goals and investment return criteria. We offer various services to help optimize a property’s energy efficiency, for new construction and existing buildings.

Energy and Water Audit includes review and analysis by an Energy Engineer of the building’s energy and water systems, as well as recommendations for energy and water reduction measures that may include estimated install cost, estimated energy and cost savings, simple payback period, and greenhouse gas emission savings.  The scopes are aligned with ASHRAE Level I, II, or III Energy Audit standards, depending on client needs.

Utility benchmarking of the subject property’s energy usage and water usage by a sustainability professional provides a comparative benchmark of the subject property’s performance using ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager® or similar industry accepted benchmarking tool.

Energy modeling is the process of simulating the energy consumption of building systems for analysis. Early modeling supports integrated design decisions and helps optimize building energy performance.

Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and Fire Life Safety (MEP/FLS) assessments can be incorporated into standard Property Condition Assessments (PCA) to provide a greater level of detail for buyers regarding the end of useful life of existing equipment and potential large capital expenditures. The MEP/FLS assessment can also be customized to place emphasis on specific systems.

Commissioning (Cx) is an intensive quality assurance process that begins during design and continues through construction, occupancy, and operation of new buildings. Certified commissioning professionals perform as an independent Commissioning Authority (CxA), and collaborate with the owner, design team, and construction team.

Partner ESI’s subsidiary, Partner Energy, is an industry leader in building efficiency engineering, and works alongside ESI to provide energy efficiency and sustainability consulting services to all our clients. Contact your Partner RM or Partner Energy’s Sales team directly for more information.

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