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Green Building Certifications

Green Building Certifications include full-service support for various green certification processes by our team of accredited professionals. Certifications include but are not limited to:

Sustainable Design incorporates green building strategies and systems into a project, and spans the entire spectrum of a project’s development and operation, from the earliest schematic design through construction and in to working with facilities and operations staff for ongoing performance.

Partner ESI’s subsidiary, Partner Energy’s team of accredited professionals provide sustainable design and building certification services to all our clients. Contact your Partner RM or Partner Energy’s Sales team directly for more information.

What's Involved

We provide green building certification services for new construction and existing buildings.

Our scopes of services:


  • Certification Eligibility Review (portfolio)
  • Preliminary Certification Assessment
  • Technical Feasibility Study
  • Preliminary Energy, Water, Carbon, and Utility Cost Analysis
  • Conceptual Solar PV and Battery sizing
  • Sustainable Design Consulting
  • Funding Application Support


  • Certification Documentation Support
  • Submittal Review
  • HERS Testing & Verification
  • Commissioning
  • Solar PV Construction Progress Monitoring
  • Funding/Rebate Program Quality Assurance Verification


  • Design Charrette
  • Certification Documentation Support
  • Materials/Systems selection and specifications
  • Whole building energy modeling for code compliance/certification
  • Rebate & incentive application support
  • Renewable Energy design and engineering for permitting


  • As-Built Energy Modeling/Utility Allowance calculations
  • Utility Data Collection/Annual Benchmarking
  • O+M Policies and Procedures
  • Training
  • Post-Occupancy Evaluation

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