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Forensics & Expert Witness

Partner offers Forensic Geotechnical Evaluations and Expert Witness opinions on the structural and geotechnical integrity of existing buildings, pavements, engineered structures, retaining walls, and slopes. The triggering events can be insurance or legal claims, refinancing, transactions, precautions due to nearby construction, or others.

For distressed properties, Partner uses forensic methods and scientific analysis to identify the cause of failure and to recommend and/or implement necessary repair solutions. Partner’s expert geotechnical engineers and geologists can reach any site to provide opinions, recommendations, repair estimates, and repair design.

For due diligence assignments, we can provide timely results to aid decision-making prior to close; we can also provide long-term monitoring and consulting support after close, or in the case of matters that end in deposition or litigation. Partner is a multi-disciplinary consulting firm, and our geotechnical experts are supported by technical leaders in related disciplines such as civil engineering, structural engineering, construction, building subspecialties, and forensic engineering.

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What's Involved

We are often asked to provide recommendations for:

  • Remedial Earthwork
  • Underpinning
  • Shoring
  • Asphalt Repaving or Mill and Overlay
  • Ground Improvements
  • Pressure Grouting

Geotechnical techniques we employ include:

  • Floor Elevation Surveys
  • Tilt Plates
  • Crack Meters
  • Inclinometers
  • Moisture Vapor Domes
  • Coring
  • Geophysical Techniques
  • Soil Drilling and Sampling

If your project has suspected structural and/or geotechnical issues, please contact one of our geotechnical experts for a consultation.

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