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Climate Hazard & Property Resilience

Climate Hazard and Property Resilience Assessments utilize the property’s historical data and regional climate data to identify hazards from climate change, natural disasters, and man-made impacts. The assessment also considers the specific client’s risk tolerance and investment objective to make targeted recommendations that are based on factors such as asset hold period. Based on this site data as well as additional building data pulled from document review and interviews with staff, we develop a capital improvement plan that includes a prioritized list of recommended property resiliency measures with opinions of cost that can be implemented by the property over time.

Our subsidiary, Partner Energy, works alongside Partner ESI to provide climate hazard and property resilience assessments for all our clients. Contact your Partner RM or Partner Energy’s Sales team directly for more information.

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Partner provides:

  • Climate Hazard Report for individual properties
  • Portfolio Analysis of Climate Hazards for multiple properties
  • Climate Hazard & Property Resilience Assessment (as PCA add-on)
  • Standalone Climate Hazard & Property Resilience Assessment

Climate Hazard Reports are limited to providing potential regional climate risks, while Property Resilience Assessments offer asset-level analysis with property-specific risk assessments and provide custom solutions for risk mitigation.

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