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Partner Engineering and Science, Inc.
Partner Engineering and Science, Inc.
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To win in commercial real estate, you need a Partner.

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Win with Partner

Partner is the leading provider of engineering, environmental, construction, energy, and valuation consulting for the commercial real estate industry. We help our clients manage risk, make smart investments, optimize asset performance, and win at their real estate investment strategies.

When you work with Partner, you get:

  • The confidence of working with the trusted choice
  • A single point of contact who listens and understands your objectives
  • Access to 1300+ multidisciplinary professionals across the globe
  • A team and technology tailored to your goals
  • A Partnership between science, business, and you

Let us help you win.

Find a Partner

Engineers Who Understand Your Business

At Partner, we understand that good science is only part of the job. Listening to our clients is equally important. We take the time to understand your objectives and the nuances of each project. Drawing on our multidisciplinary suite of services, we tailor our approach to meet your goals. 

Our Philosophy

Scale that delivers: speed agility responsiveness local expertise global reach

We’ve built a strong, global team so we can be where you need us, when you need us, and deliver local expertise with large-scale reach.

More than just assessments - solutions.

The science of real estate is complex. To understand and address complex technical challenges, you need a team that does more. Partner’s truly multidisciplinary team provides deep expertise on every aspect of a property, from top to bottom.

And, if needed, we provide a full suite of solutions because we know our job isn’t over when we find a problem; it’s when we solve it.

Our Services

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Let us be your Partner

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