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Decarbonization Pathways

Partner provides executable plans to get an asset or portfolio on track to meet its greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction goals, whether it’s to reach net zero or other targets. We work with our client’s asset management team to develop a decarbonization pathway for each property using CRREM/SBTi or other pathways, taking into account the asset’s energy efficiency, energy sources, grid energy sources, and company GHG reduction strategies. Once each asset has a defined decarbonization pathway, the asset-by-asset data can be aggregated to show how an entire portfolio could reach the desired carbon reduction target.

On a portfolio level, decarbonization pathways consider property hold periods and allow clients to consider mitigating carbon emissions at one asset through improvements at another (e.g., producing extra solar energy at one property to make up for emissions at another in order to get the entire portfolio down to net zero).

Our subsidiary, Partner Energy, guides clients in the pursuit of decarbonization and ESG targets with solutions that address client-specific needs and business goals. Contact your Partner RM or Partner Energy’s Sales team directly for more information.

What's Involved

Decarbonization Services

  • Carbon Reduction Pathways
  • Energy and GHG Benchmarking
  • Grid Decarbonization Forecast
  • Retro-Commissioning (RCx)
  • Electrification Recommendations
  • Renewable Energy
  • Carbon Offsets/Credits

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