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Surety Claims Consulting

Partner provides comprehensive surety consulting, including claims management services and completion contracting. Our dedicated surety consulting team has decades of domestic and international experience managing dozens of files and project sites. Backed by Partner’s deep bench of registered professionals and specialists in diverse practices including forensic engineering, construction management, environmental consulting, and civil and structural engineering, the surety consulting team can perform a thorough and expeditious review of a distressed contracted project; interface with subcontractors, vendors, and other stakeholders; isolate causes and contributing factors; and recommend and/or execute a plan for resolution. Whether for a single project or a global portfolio, you can rely on our sound judgment and superior service to help you reduce exposure, minimize loss, and reach closure on your most complicated files.

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What's Involved

Services performed include:

Claim Review and Analysis 
Claim Preparation and Negotiation 
  • Request for Equitable Adjustment Preparation
  • Prepare Proper Submissions
Construction Completion 
  • Site Observation
  • Supplement Project Team
  • Resolve Existing Project Issues
  • Project Re-Let and Ratification
    • Assess Project Conditions
    • Prepare Re-Let Materials
    • Solicit Contractor Proposals
    • Ratify Contractors and Vendors
Document Management 
  • Digitize Project Files
  • Secure File Storage
  • Easy Client Access Through SiteLynx

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Frequently Asked Questions

Surety companies and contractors may hire surety claims consultants to ensure that claims are handled efficiently and effectively, to mitigate potential losses, to protect their interests, and to navigate complex legal and financial aspects of surety bond claims.

Surety companies or contractors may seek the assistance of a surety claims consultant when faced with complex or disputed surety bond claims, when additional expertise is needed to navigate legal or technical aspects of the claims process, or when seeking to optimize claim outcomes and minimize financial exposure.

Time limits: There are strict deadlines for filing a claim, so prompt action is crucial.
Notice provisions: Contractual notice requirements must be followed to preserve claim rights.
Documentation: A well-documented claim with clear evidence strengthens the owner’s case.

Consultant fees can vary depending on the project size, complexity of the claim, and the scope of services required.
Fee structures can be hourly, retainer-based, or a percentage of the recovered amount.

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