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MEP Solutions

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Mechanical Engineering and Plumbing Assessments

Beginning with an understanding of your business objectives, our MEP team can tailor your assessment to support capital planning; implementation of efficiency or sustainability initiatives; optimization of building performance; fine-tuning your maintenance and operations; or preparing for acquisition, disposition, or lease entrance/exit. MEP assessments can be performed in the context of a property condition assessment, a facility condition assessment, or as a stand-alone report. Report delivery is available in several formats to support analysis and subsequent implementation of findings.

Technical Advisory & Design Review

At any stage of construction, Partner’s MES team can opine on the completeness and/or effectiveness of design, provide engineering alternatives, support costing efforts, etc. Working with Partner’s market-leading construction services group, the MES team develops capital plans for large and/or complex construction projects based on drawings and specifications.

Operation and Maintenance (O&M) Assessments

The MES team will conduct a site visit to observe current facility operations and equipment conditions. They will review setpoints, schedules, and capabilities, along with service contracts, inspection reports, historic repairs/replacements, and any planned or ongoing capex projects. Their report of findings can be delivered traditionally or via a custom dashboard for data transfer to a computerized management system or other platform.

Many clients request O&M Assessments as part of a lease exit study, prior to entering a leasing agreement, or while under an active lease to determine whether third-party vendors are providing best-in-class service.

Measurement & Verification (M&V) Load Studies

M&V load studies are used to identify power demand trends over a representative period, determine peak demand windows, and estimate spare capacity relative to the rated output capacity of a power source. Partner’s MES team prepares custom M&V plans to quantify and verify connected loads of individual power sources. Plans specify the type of data logging equipment and sensors to be installed, where they should be installed, the recommended sampling intervals to be used, and other details such as safety and personal protective equipment (PPE) requirements. Once sampling is complete, the Partner team will analyze the collected data and provide recommendations based on findings.

Energy Audits

Our MEP team performs comprehensive assessments and analyses of the energy consumption of a building and its infrastructure to support funding and financing, green building certification, state and local compliance and reporting, asset performance improvements, and sustainability planning. The completed audit report will establish a baseline consumption rate, quantify discrete energy usage, benchmark usage against similar facilities, identify building conditions that may cause excessive energy consumption, and recommend options to reduce consumption and costs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To meet the growing demand for electric vehicle charging stations, Partner’s MES team provides the following services:

Electric Vehicle Charger (EVC) Site Feasibility Assessment: On-site evaluation of proposed EVC site to Identify available sources of power, potential locations for EVC placement, and the feasibility of installing the proposed quantities of chargers from a practicality, constructability, and environmental resiliency perspective.
Single-line Diagram Development: Baseline electrical single-line diagrams, prepared by an electrical engineer, for the primary power sources that will supply power to proposed EVCs. After completion of load study, the MES team can also provide single-line diagrams for proposed EVCs.
Load Study: Determines whether spare capacity exists for the primary power sources that will supply power to proposed EVCs.
Construction Oversight Services: Leverages Partner’s best-in-class construction services to ensure EVCs are constructed according to design, budget, and schedule.

MEP design involves planning, designing, and implementing the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems within a building. This includes determining equipment, layout, sizing, and integration with architectural and structural elements.

MEP solutions can incorporate energy-efficient equipment, renewable energy sources, water-saving fixtures, and smart building technologies to minimize environmental impact and reduce operating costs.

Key stakeholders include architects, engineers, contractors, developers, building owners, regulatory authorities, and occupants, all of whom play roles in the design, construction, and operation of MEP systems.

Factors such as building size, occupancy, usage, climate, local regulations, budget, and sustainability goals all influence the design of MEP systems.

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Construction Administration / Implementation Support

Partner’s MES team supports installation or replacement of electrical, plumbing, and fire/life safety systems according to your needs. Our trade experts are backed by Partner’s extensive, market-leading construction services practice to provide a range of construction administration services, including

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