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Commercial Building Inspection

Commercial Building Inspection Reports (a.k.a Equity Property Condition Reports) are our specialty. When investing in a major complex commercial real estate asset, trust us to inspect the asset and to identify the immediate repairs and deferred maintenance issues.

The key to a quality Commercial Building Inspection Report is staffing with experience. Our assessors are all highly experienced in building inspections and many are licensed Professional Engineers or Registered Architects. Our property inspection practice is so large that in most national markets we have specialists for each major property type; in other words, we can staff a garden-style apartment building and a high-rise office building with inspectors specializing in that property type. Again: experience is everything.

What's Involved

Our Commercial Building Inspections comply with the scope of work specified in ASTM E2018 and includes a comprehensive visual inspection of the building’s construction including the following:

Digging Deeper

Commercial Building Inspectors

Our Commercial Building Inspections are done by a single experienced building inspector or by a team of inspectors. We often deploy teams of 3 to 6 inspectors. The team will always be captained by our senior building inspector and may include sub-specialists such as a Structural Engineer, an HVAC specialist, an energy auditor, an ADA Inspector, and/or a Licensed Elevator Inspector. The benefits of sub-specialists are great. For example, our building inspector may have inspected thousands of elevators in his or her career, but without an elevator inspector’s license, he will not be able to open the shaft and inspect beneath the cab.

Essential Building Inspection Report Findings

Regardless of the level of Commercial Building Inspection (Property Condition Report) ordered, our inspector will find:

  • Inadequate design
  • Improper maintenance or worn systems
  • Equipment nearing the end of its useful life
  • Building code violations
  • Poor workmanship

Most of our clients request a standard narrative Property Condition Report.  The narrative report discusses each building system and will describe all of the significant concerns or defects that were found during the inspection.   Each report will include a table of immediate repairs and a table of replacement reserves over the desired reserve period.

Let us help you avoid the physical risks associated with investing in a commercial property.

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