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John Van Valkenburg, SE

Mr. Van Valkenburg is a Technical Director for Structural Solutions, providing structural analysis and design for both seismic retrofits and new structures. He is also responsible for Seismic Risk Assessments across all sectors and building types, including multi-family properties, commercial/retail structures, and high-rise loft conversions.

Mr. Van Valkenburg brings almost 20 years of experience in structural engineering and seismic analysis.  He has been responsible for conceptual design all the way through construction administration, including plan check review with the City of Los Angeles, City of San Diego, County of Ventura, DSA, and OSHPD.  His knowledge extends to all conventional structural materials. 

Mr. Van Valkenburg is well-versed in California-specific regulations and requirements, including the CA 2030 Seismic Compliance mandate and OSHPD regulations and requirements. He has performed design work at multiple acute care facilities impacted by these regulations, including hospice and assisted living facilities. His expertise spans structural, nonstructural, and infrastructural elements that are susceptible to impacts from seismic activity, and has worked with many facilities toward compliance under CA 2030 and OSHPD’s rating system for acute care facilities.  He has also performed the design on new facilities, such as the new Kaiser hospital in Fontana. Mr. Van Valkenburg has also performed seismic risk assessments and structural evaluations for almost every building type, including public schools, high rises, apartment complexes, and religious facilities.


Registered Structural Engineer, California (S5932)
Registered Professional Engineer, California (C74939)
Registered Structural Engineer, Hawaii (PE-18204)
Registered Structural Engineer, Washington (56739)
Registered Structural Engineer, Nevada (028563)
Registered Professional Engineer, Colorado (0055533)
Registered Professional Engineer, Idaho (19732)


B.S., Structural Engineering, University of California, San Diego