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December 13, 2011

Industry Veteran Ira Grossman Joins Partner

By S. Ira Grossman

A respected veteran in the due diligence industry, Grossman has provided engineering and environmental services to major corporations both as an internal resource and as a third‐party consultant. Most recently, Grossman served as a regional architect for MetLife Real Estate Investments, advising on the physical due diligence for real estate transactions including equity investments and loans. Grossman also served as senior vice president for LandAmerica Assessment Corporation, providing environmental and engineering due diligence assessments for over 50 national real estate clients.

Some of Grossman’s flagship projects include a $30 million asbestos abatement of a 43‐story high rise office building in San Francisco, while the building remained occupied, and a $28 million renovation of a resort hotel. Grossman has also managed the construction and renovation of aerospace facilities including Northrop Aircraft and TRW’s Electronics Defense and Space Division; industrial facilities including Eastman Kodak and General Electric; and several correctional institutes. Grossman is an ASTM member and serves on the MBA Seismic Working Group providing guidance on seismic risk assessments. He earned his Master of Architecture from MIT and his BA cum laude in Architectural Sciences from Harvard. Grossman joins Partner’s El Segundo, CA headquarters. Partner was recently ranked the #5 fastest growing private company in LA County.

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