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April 5, 2023

Joe Derhake Featured on Real Estate Forum’s 2023 Best Bosses List

By Joseph Derhake, PE

Joseph P. Derhake, the Chief Executive Officer at Partner Engineering and Science, Inc. (Partner), has been recognized on Real Estate Forum’s Best Bosses in CRE list! This list highlights the CRE industry’s most influential mentors and leaders.

Under his leadership, Partner continues to be the best home for talented professionals in our field. Mr. Derhake has fostered a company culture of entrepreneurship and work-life balance that continues to attract top talent from the industry. Partner has grown to a worldwide headcount of 1,300 and has expanded into markets such as Europe, Canada, and Israel. Partner’s new entrepreneurial ventures into project completion insurance (SureBuild) and property valuation (Partner Valuation Services) have been well received by the CRE industry.

Monique Burrola, Partner’s Chief Executive Officer, says “Joe believes in people, and people are a key compass that guides him. He sees potential where others might not and takes chances. He shows you who you could be, gives you a little nudge, and then gets out of the way.”

During the economic shutdowns of 2020, Mr. Derhake took steps to maximize employee retention by choosing furloughs instead of layoffs and foregoing his pay until everyone was brought back to work. Transparency and communication with employees were also essential to his strategy to weather the storm. During the Pandemic, his monthly “Cup of Joe” podcast to employees kept them up to date on the company and the industry.

As the economy slows, Joe’s leadership is once again helping Partner weather the storm of inflation and rate hikes. The Real Estate Forum stated that their selections this year were made in part by a CEO’s “resiliency and ability to position their companies for future growth.”

To read the full list, click here.

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