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August 5, 2014

John Insall Joins Partner

By John Insall, LEP

Partner Engineering and Science Inc. (Partner), a California-based engineering, environmental, and energy consulting firm, has announced that John Insall, LEP has joined Partner’s Rocky Hill, Connecticut office. Insall, a licensed environmental professional (LEP) in the State of Connecticut with over 25 years of experience in innovative site redevelopment and remediation, joins Partner as part of the firm’s ongoing expansion to serve the growing real estate and development market in the northeast region.

“John is coming on board at a key time,” said Frank Romeo, East Coast Director of Operations for Partner. “We’re seeing the pace of the commercial real estate and development industries really pick up in recent months, and in the northeast much of that activity is infill. One of the key areas to look at during redevelopment projects is what environmental impacts the site may have and how contamination can be addressed to safely develop the property to highest and best use. John has a lot of experience in cutting edge remediation and redevelopment strategies in Connecticut and beyond, so we are very excited to have him on the Partner team.”

Insall joins Partner as a new national client manager. Insall’s previous role as a Senior Technical Advisor at a global engineering firm has shaped his expertise in remediating various types of contaminants utilizing a variety of practical and innovative methods, including extensive experience remediating PCB contaminated sites. Additionally, Insall has experience in environmental due diligence, environmental management, compliance auditing, health and safety management, and sustainability. In his new role, Insall will leverage his expertise in site redevelopment and remediation services; PCB investigation/remediation and site management; and compliance auditing to expand Partner’s environmental services offerings.

Some of Insall’s key projects include the investigation, remediation, and redevelopment of brownfields and sites contaminated by former operations such as metals recycling facilities, manufacturing plants, a coal power plant, and printing and dry cleaning facilities. In support of a large real estate transaction, Insall coordinated and removed over 1,000 tons of PCB impacted soils. As part of the project, Insall conceptualized, designed, and coordinated the transfer of liability from seller to buyer, which allowed for a smooth transition. For a large scale residential brownfields redevelopment, Insall supervised the investigation and remedial design of an old compressor plant contaminated with metals, PAHs, PCBs, and chlorinated solvents that were released into the soil and groundwater. The remedial design included a variety of techniques including innovative soil reuse, oxidation of petroleum compounds, removal of volatile chlorinated organics, and the use of water proof construction membranes. All of these strategies allowed for unrestricted residential development of the area.

“I’m really excited to be at Partner,” said Insall “there are a lot of opportunities here that can work in concert with my experience with remediation activities. I hope that with my expertise and knowledge of remedial regulations that I will be able to take on the remediation of large scale contaminated sites for any Partner projects that are in the post due diligence but predevelopment stages.”

Insall is a graduate of Clark University where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Physical Geography. He is a registered Environmental Professional in the State of Connecticut and a member of the Environmental Professionals’ Organization of Connecticut. Insall is an occasional guest lecturer at the University of Connecticut Law School in the environmental law clinic.

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