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September 3, 2020

Partner Has Provided Return to Work Services for over 50 Facilities

By Partner ESI

As the US continues to reopen schools and buildings during the pandemic, facility managers should assess their spaces and implement new procedures to mitigate the risks of COVID-19 transmission. Partner has provided these Return to Work services for over 50 facilities from schools, offices, hotels, firehouses, and retail spaces.

The process begins with detailed site assessments of the current workspace configurations. Some of the Return to Work services provided by Partner include:

  • Workstation reconfiguration
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Cleaning protocols
  • Engineering controls such as HEPA filtration, UV, electrostatic devices
  • Innovative design elements to reduce COVIDS transmission such as “step and pull” door openers, thermal imaging cameras
  • Reconfigure Pathways-Egress and Ingress
  • Evaluating essential and non-essential operations
  • Phase In Sequencing for Employees
  • Return to Work Policies
  • Vendor/Visitor Policies
  • Managing suspected and confirmed cases in the workplace
  • HVAC evaluations of air flow and system design

Returning to the work environment creates many new challenges for business owners and leaders, including how to adjust the physical workplace, how to address employee concerns about re-occupying their workspaces, whether PPE is required, and what types of typical work activities carry an acceptable risk of COVID-19 transmission. Partner’s re-entry services address these concerns in addition to providing recommendations on modifying work practices to mitigate COVID-19 transmission risk. A detailed assessment of the physical workspace and type of activities onsite, which can be done either virtually or in person, is performed to identify and reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission. Considering the needs of the employees as well as the building owners and managers is critical to the process.

We at Partner understand that continuity of operations for your business comes second only to employee and client health.  We can help you with services that will help your business reopen in the safest manner possible.

For more information, please contact your Partner relationship manager, or (800) 419-4923 or [email protected]

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