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August 31, 2022

Partner Valuation Advisors Launched

By Partner ESI


Los Angeles & Chicago, August 31, 2022 – Partner Engineering and Science, Inc. (Partner) formed a new real estate valuation firm called Partner Valuation Advisors that will be led by commercial real estate industry leaders Brandon Nunnink, CFA, and Eric Enloe, MAI, CRE, FRICS. Nunnink and Enloe will serve as co-founders and Senior Managing Directors in the national practice.

The pair are based in Chicago and bring more than 40 years of combined valuation and advisory experience, including valuing more than $2 trillion of assets. They are driven by a vision to build Partner Valuation Advisors as a technology-forward advisory firm to serve the needs of investors, lenders, and real estate occupiers.

Joseph Derhake, founder and CEO of Los Angeles-based Partner, said, “Partner’s goal is to make real estate investing easier, faster, and safer for our clients. Bundling the appraisal with the Phase I Environmental Site Assessment and Property Condition Assessment makes the process easier and faster. When the reports match and address issues in a concerted way, the client will see more intelligent advice. Brandon and Eric enjoy national reputations that instantly make our practice a trusted national valuation firm. We are actively hiring technology-focused appraisal talent around the country.”

The need for accurate and rapidly deployed asset evaluations is critical today to make smart investment and lending decisions in this volatile market. Investors continue to allocate record levels of capital into commercial real estate, and increasingly complex transactions require a high level of expertise. Partner plans to accomplish that by introducing valuation advisory leaders into the mix earlier in the process so they can leverage their decades of industry experience to produce actionable plans.

Nunnink said, “Partner Valuation Advisors will offer a fresh, tech-forward advisory approach from day one, allowing us to produce high quality, customized valuation solutions quickly. Our process of data aggregation and the potential for dashboard client deliverables differs from legacy firms that are entrenched in an outdated style of operations that can be less efficient. Historically, we have valued some of the largest and most complex assets in the U.S., and providing a seamless client experience is paramount among our goals for the firm. We are also intent on creating an innovative and collaborative culture that appeals to both seasoned valuers and the next generation of real estate professionals.”

Enloe added, “We share a similar vision as Joe and everyone on the Partner team and believe that by marrying valuation experts with the industry leaders in due diligence and ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance), we can deliver even more value to investors evaluating institutional-level portfolio transactions, as well as complex CRE projects, whether that be office towers or retail malls. This is the first time a valuation firm is being paired with a team that delivers ESG expertise, and we think that will appeal to investors seeking to leverage that sustainability and resiliency knowledge into smarter investment decisions.”

Partner is a trusted market leader with a distinct culture that offers the most comprehensive and high-quality bundle of services, which are not available anywhere else in the marketplace. Clients realize advantages because Partner’s approach to technology and data is supported by dozens of coders building end-to-end solutions to manage projects, mine data, report and populate dashboards, all of which allow clients to quickly make intelligent and informed decisions. Partner’s strong track record is anchored on the roughly 70,000 projects it touches annually, which equates to 1/6th of all CRE transactions executed in the U.S. each year and generates a massive underlying database that can be leveraged into actionable deliverables.

Over his career, Nunnink has been an advocate for technology transformations and notes that will continue at Partner. “It’s too hard to change legacy firms; we have found it is better to start from scratch,” he said. “Legacy valuation firms have to work in present systems with limitations, but we’ve always been driven to build for the future. We chose to build from scratch because we found the right ‘Partner’ already delivering on our vision in complementary business lines.”

Enloe will lead Partner Valuation Advisors after being one of the founders of JLL’s Valuation & Advisory team nationally and the Head of Commercial Valuation. Enloe also was JLL Americas’ Valuation Leader for the Global Client Care Program, a member of JLL’s Valuation Executive Committee, and a member of JLL’s Midwest Executive Committee, which included capital markets, leasing, work dynamics, project development services, and property management. Enloe’s expertise encompasses large-scale portfolio originations and execution, as well as building and managing teams of valuation professionals nationally. The senior real estate leader has experience valuing all asset types, including office, retail, multifamily, and industrial, as well as special purpose asset types, including regional malls, self-storage, manufactured housing, hotels, educational facilities, and going-concern valuations on complex assets. Earlier in his career, Enloe served in various leadership roles for more than 18 years at Integra Realty Resources in the Midwest, including growing the Chicago office into the largest capital markets valuation office in the company. He earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Notre Dame, holds appraisal licenses in 50 states, is a member of the Counselors of Real Estate (CRE), and is a Fellow of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (FRICS).

Nunnink will lead Partner Valuation Advisors after serving as COO of JLL Valuation & Advisory Services in the Americas. Based in Chicago, he built a valuation and advisory team that started with a Midwest and South-Central presence and grew to be a national platform. Nunnink has been trusted to provide complex advisory services to some of America’s largest corporations. He specializes in real estate information systems, business valuations, partial interest valuations, and manufactured housing data and valuation. Earlier in his career, Nunnink served as an Executive Director of Integra Realty Resources in Chicago for more than eight years. Prior to entering the valuation space, Nunnink was a CMBS lender with LaSalle Bank/ABN AMRO in Chicago and London where he led over $2 billion in U.S.-based real estate transactions and over €500M in European transactions. He earned a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, a master’s degree in Accountancy, Financial Reporting & Auditing Services from the University of Notre Dame, and he is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA).

About Partner Valuation Advisors
Partner Valuation Advisors is a Chicago-based affiliate company of Partner Engineering and Science, Inc. The valuation enterprise was introduced in 2022 with the formation of a new team of leaders focused on performing commercial real estate valuations nationally for investors, lenders and real estate occupiers. The team is led by Brandon Nunnink, CFA, and Eric Enloe, MAI, CRE, FRICS. Please visit us online at

About Partner Engineering and Science, Inc.
Partner is the most trusted choice for 3rd party due diligence and consulting in the commercial real estate industry, providing full-service engineering, environmental and energy services throughout the Americas, Europe, and around the globe. With a multidisciplinary approach, Partner serves clients at all stages from initial due diligence and design to development and construction, as well as the ongoing maintenance and optimization of a real estate asset.

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