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October 13, 2021

Partner’s Back to Business Recruitment Program

By Partner ESI


Founded in 2016 by COO Monique Burrola, Partner’s Back to Business program continues to see success with the hiring of numerous talented professionals in various fields. The aim of the program is to give new opportunities to those who’ve put their careers on hold to become a caregiver, deal with health issues, or handle other life moments.

Currently, Partner has 13 administrative positions open in several cities. These are great opportunities for anyone rejoining the workforce after an extended leave. Click here to view the job postings.

Burrola is proud of the continued investment in the Back to Business program which has brought to Partner talented professionals such as Dana Clausen. A seasoned litigation attorney, Clausen took extended time off to raise two young children. She currently serves as Partner’s General Counsel. “Partner allows me to continue doing the work I love as a lawyer and as a mother,” says Clausen. A flexible schedule and clearly defined work give Clausen the opportunity to work at Partner and continue to be present as a mother.

Burrola was inspired to formalize the Back to Business program by Partner co-founder Dana Derhake. Derhake has regularly hired professionals who’ve taken an extended leave from the workforce. Some of these hires include Stephanie Beck, Sam Rudow and Jill Stamp. These Partners have restarted their careers by fulfilling many flexible administrative positions in human resources, payroll, and other corporate functions. Additionally, the Back to Business program can be a great fit for experienced project staff like Margaret Thomas, a senior project assessor in Partner’s Property Condition Assessment practice.

Partner has grown by more than 400 new hires in the last 12 months and needs seasoned administrative professionals more than ever. Partner’s Back to Business program can offer an opportunity to restart and grow your career at the best home for talented professionals.

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