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December 15, 2020

Robin Rednose-Lewis joins as Director of ALTA Land Survey Services

By Partner ESI

Robin Rednose-Lewis has joined Partner Engineering and Science, Inc. as Director of ALTA Survey Services. Bringing more than 22 years of cumulative experience, she will take the helm of Partner’s national Land Surveying Coordination practice and mobilize operational integration strategies. A seasoned professional in commercial due diligence, her expertise includes deep understanding of survey coordination and customized client scopes, as well as resource planning, project coordination, operational efficiency, and program integration. Her industry knowledge and insights will help optimize Partner’s already robust Land Surveying Coordination Services.

Rednose-Lewis has a track record of leading staff coordination and report review of large portfolio projects for zoning and survey programs. Before joining Partner, she was managing director of ALTA Survey Services for BBG, ALTA program manager for CBRE Assessment & Consulting Services, project manager for First American Title Insurance Company, and project manager for Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribes of Oklahoma, Roads Construction Program. Her passion for working with people and her ability to be the conduit between clients and surveyors has helped her establish a network of loyal customers nationwide. Upon joining Partner, Rednose-Lewis stated “Coming to Partner means I get to do what I love most. In this capacity, I also get to collaborate with many of my former colleagues again!” Partner’s Managing Technical Director Bruce Dalton commented “Ms. Rednose-Lewis will be a welcome addition to our fast-paced and high-volume Land Surveying Coordination Services team!”

Partner is a leading national survey coordinator throughout the US. In 2020 alone, Partner delivered more than 1,700 ALTA/NSPS land survey projects in the United States and Canada. Rednose-Lewis has a bachelor’s degree in Organizational Leadership from the University of Central Oklahoma.

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