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Geotechnical Engineering, New Transit Facility - Oakland, CA

Project Location 
Oakland, CA
Completion Date 
Monday, February 22, 2021
Project Leads 
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Walnut Creek Transit Village Phase I

About the Project

For this transit facility project, Partner was the geotechnical engineer on the team that was tasked with the phase I design and construction of the facility upgrades. This includes a five-story, cast-in-place concrete parking garage at the Walnut Creek Transit Village.

Partner’s services included coordination of drilling permits and access with BART, utility clearance by private and public locating services, drilling and logging of soil borings, laboratory testing, engineering analysis, background review, and report preparation. Site conditions indicated a highly variable depth to bedrock, expansive soils, perched groundwater, undocumented fills, and possible disturbance to adjacent structures. Partner provided solutions to these issues for the design team in an interactive, iterative process to arrive at the most cost-effective and efficient design.

Partner also performed construction materials testing and special inspections on the project. The site material was found to contain lead contamination. Partner provided several rounds of testing to map the extent of the contamination and to provide a “Soil Management Plan” for the removal and proper disposal of the contaminated soil.

Partner performed the oversight and testing of site earthwork and foundation preparation for the new building. This included nuclear density, Proctor, and index testing, along with approvals of select materials and review of RFI’s during construction.

Partner coordinated with stakeholder groups and integrated its services in a timely fashion to advance the project and keep to schedule.

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