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Honda Dealership Portfolio - Nationwide

Project Location 
Gulf Region
Completion Date 
Friday, July 13, 2018
Environmental Due Diligence, Automotive, Site Assessment
Property Condition Assessment, Automotive, Dealership, Louisiana, Texas

About the Project

Partner performed a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) and Property Condition Assessment (PCA) for the 3rd largest dealership group in the United States.  Partner’s personnel for managing the project has performed due diligence work exclusively for this company since they went public over 20 years ago. This dealership group alone operates over 175 dealerships throughout the country.

Site operations for all locations consisted of retail sales for new and used automobiles, automotive maintenance services including full service repairs, oil changes, tire alignments, and automotive detailing, parts sales, a carwash and vehicle preparation area, as well as general office activities. In addition to the current structures, the properties were improved with concrete-paved parking areas and driveways, vehicle canopies, pole-mounted lighting, and concrete-paved parking areas.

The PCA’s performed included a supplemental review, a focused review of the HVAC system (including testing of all units), roofing systems, and a pavement/curbing assessment by specialists in each field.

While no Historical or Controlled Recognized Environmental Conditions were found, the ESA did find hazardous substances at the property due to significant discharge in oil change pit and oil-water separator (OWS).

Based on these findings, Partner efficiently and cost-effectively completed site reconnaissance at the contaminated properties as part of the Phase II Environmental Site Assessment.

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