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Retro-commissioning Services Federal Building and Courthouse — Pittsburgh, PA

William S. Moorhead Federal Building and Courthouse, Pittsburgh, PA

Project Location 
Pittsburgh, PA
General Services Administration
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William S. Moorhead Federal Building

About the Project

Partner professionals performed retro-commissioning services per the General Services Administration for the William S. Moorhead Federal Building and Courthouse, which are intended to ensure that the building equipment is in adequate condition and building operations practices are optimal for energy savings. During the retro-commissioning process, Partner professionals functionally inspected and tested all HVAC, electrical, and plumbing equipment; identified equipment in need of replacement and/or repair; documented building operational standards; and verified that proper owner/staff training and maintenance procedures were being followed. All items identified by Partner professionals were chronicled and energy savings from all changes were documented and presented to the owner. The final submission consisted of a retro-commissioning report; all field notes and checklists; Energy Conservation Measures identified with their savings and payoff estimates; and a Systems Manual with future re-commissioning Plan.

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