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“Bedarfsausweis” is a German term that translates to “Demand EPC” or “Energy Performance Certificate based on demand” in English. Other translations include “needs assessment” or “certificate of need.” It refers to a type of energy performance certificate (EPC) that evaluates the energy efficiency of a building based on its energy demand rather than its actual energy consumption.

This certificate provides information on the energy efficiency of a building by assessing its heat requirements for space heating, hot water, ventilation, and lighting. It takes into account factors such as insulation, heating system efficiency, and ventilation systems to determine the building’s overall energy demand.

The Bedarfsausweis is often used in Germany and other European countries as part of regulations and initiatives aimed at improving energy efficiency in buildings and reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. It helps property owners and potential buyers or tenants to understand the energy performance of a building and make informed decisions regarding energy usage and investments in energy efficiency measures.

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