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Registered Roof Observer

Registered Roof Observers (RRO) must fulfill certain requirements. These requirements include completion of an application, agreement to abide by the RCI Code of Ethics, and earning a satisfactory score on a written examination. Annual renewal is required in order to maintain the RRO registration. The RRO must maintain activities as a quality assurance observer or perform job duties requiring the skills of a quality assurance observer, for example they must document proof of ten roofing related continuing educational hours to be submitted with their annual renewal.

According to the Manual of Practice for Registered Roof Observers, the observer’s responsibilities “include the determination of whether the work is being performed in a manner that, when fully completed, will be in accordance with the contract documents.” The Manual states that observers are expected to:

  • Have proper training by discipline, or area(s) of expertise, or both, in order to meet the quality assurance demands of the project;
  • Observe timeliness of reporting issues and submission of reports;
  • Maintain objectivity in execution job duties;
  • Maintain consistency with inspections and reporting;
  • Have a complete and thorough understanding of the contract documents and the construction types or systems designed;
  • Note weather conditions, including precipitation and wind speeds;
  • Maintain a continuous record of job progress;
  • Observe and record conformance practices;
  • Record deviations and resolutions;
  • Maintain and record communications with the owner and general contractor and with subcontractors that have been designated to receive communications from the observer;
  • Record personnel who are present on the job or who visit;
  • Document the duration and date personnel are on-site; and
  • Review and report, but not approve, changes in work or materials.

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