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Webinar: SB721 CA Balcony Inspections

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SB721 Balcony Law Webinar

A wooden balcony can fail regardless of the building’s age or by external impact such as earthquakes. California’s Balcony Inspection Law SB721 requires the evaluation of balconies, stairways, and similar structures at multifamily buildings with three or more units inspected no later than January 1, 2025. The statute holds building owners liable to engage a qualified provider to identify immediate threats and recommended actions.

This course provides comprehensive coverage of SB721 and breaks down the course of action to meet the requirements. The attendees will identify what properties are subject to SB-721 law, understand Exterior Elevated Elements (EEE), be familiar with the inspection scope of work, know how to find qualified providers for the inspections, able to schedule and budget for an inspection, expect subsequent work repairs may look like, and learn the compliance best practices.


Shari Fykes  |  Client Manager @ Partner ESI

  • Shari Fykes has been involved with Partner’s Balcony Inspections program since its inception. She has assisted with over 300 seismic retrofits across the State of California. These transactions have allowed her to oversee numerous retrofit design and construction projects and structural solutions. Property management firms and building owners have both come to rely on Ms. Fykes for seismic retrofit guidance and all structural retrofit-related concerns.

Patryk Kozan, PE  |  Structural Project Engineer @ Partner ESI

  • Patrick Kozan is a multifamily structure expert. He is the technical lead for CA SB721 Balcony Inspection services for Partner. Mr. Kozan has conducted field inspections, prepared reports, and reviewed reports of thousands of multifamily units for portfolios and single sites throughout California.

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