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SBA SOP 50 10 7: What’s New and Essential

SBA SOP 50 10 7: What’s New and Essential

Register to watch this comprehensive on-demand webinar that unpacks the latest updates to the SOP 50 10 7, covering critical areas in SBA lending that require third party consultants. We will dive deep into the changes regarding Construction Loans, Environmental Policy, and 504 Energy Public Policy projects, providing crucial insights for lenders and borrowers alike.

CONSTRUCTION LOANS: Our panel will address questions related to changes in the SOP, bond waiver protocols, compare and contrast the reactive vs. proactive differences between P&P bonds and Funds Control with Monitoring, and share best practices for the optimal outcome for you and your borrower(s).

ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY: We will not only review the new SOP updates, but also delve into the services essential for performing due diligence. Discover how to navigate the environmental landscape while ensuring compliance.

504 ENERGY PUBLIC POLICY LOANS: We’ll outline the requirements, benefits, updates, and the necessary third-party services.

Stay informed, compliant, and equipped with the knowledge needed for success in the ever-evolving landscape of SBA lending.


AJ Nosek  |  National Client Manager @ Partner ESI

Kyle Gustafson  |  National Client Manager, Construction Risk Management @ Partner ESI

Tushar Dutta  |  Senior Program Manager @ Partner Energy

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