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6 Ways Funds Control Saves Your Project

Construction Funds Control Webinar Partner Engineering and Science

The vast majority of defaults in construction projects are payment related, not performance related.  The good news: This is a preventable problem!  Funds Control is a risk management tool that can prevent a wide range of issues such as payments getting ahead of construction progress, subcontractors not getting paid, blown budgets, filing of liens, and more.  This webinar will explain 6 key ways that Funds Control can help ensure your construction investments are completed on time, on budget and lien free!

Who should watch: Banks, non-bank and alternative lenders, equity capital partners, EB5 investors, and others who want to learn more about Funds Control.

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  • Brian Ward, Technical Director, Construction Services
  • Christina Fanning, Technical Director, Construction Services
  • Anne Dwyer, President – NCS (a Partner Company)
  • Ali Schaal, Director of Funds Control
  • Angela McDonnel, Director of Funds Control

To watch webinar recording: CLICK HERE