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Contractor Evaluation

While the lender underwrites the construction loan, unless a Contractor Evaluation is performed, no one is underwriting one of the most important individuals of the construction process – the general contractor! Partner provides Contractor Evaluations which are in-depth reviews of the qualifications and capabilities of the General Contractor to complete the project.

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What's Involved

A Contractor Evaluation provides a review of the following items:

  • Financial Statements
  • Past company experience, including typical work, largest projects completed, and business volume
  • Personnel, including employees, subs, and suppliers
  • Equipment and procedures, including software and methods used to estimate and monitor costs
  • Work in progress
  • Information on their safety program
  • Appropriate licenses
  • Plans for future growth

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Frequently Asked Questions

Quality of Work: Did the contractor meet the agreed-upon standards and specifications?
Time Management: Were deadlines adhered to? Did the project progress smoothly?
Budget Compliance: Did the final cost stay within the agreed budget or close to the initial estimate?
Communication and Responsiveness: Were communications clear, timely, and did the contractor address questions or concerns promptly?
Professionalism: Did the contractor exhibit courteous and professional behavior throughout the project?

Online review platforms can offer insights from previous clients.
Checking references provided by the contractor can give valuable firsthand experiences.
Government agencies (if applicable) might have performance data on registered contractors.

Lack of communication or responsiveness.
Unwillingness to provide references or documentation.
Suspiciously low bids or requests for upfront payment in full.

Compare quotes from multiple contractors to ensure competitiveness.
Make sure the quote includes all necessary materials, labor, and any potential additional costs.

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