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Shavaun Cotter

Technical Director


Located in

New York, New York

& Affiliations

  • The American Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists (AARST)
  • National Radon Standards Committee on Radon Measurement Standards (2019-2022)

Radon Testing Certification

  • National Radon Proficiency Program: Radon Measurement Certification (Cert # 107106 RT)
  • NRPP Advance Certification Course for Radon Testing in Multifamily Buildings
  • Radon Measurement Technician- New Jersey (Cert # MET-13093)
  • Partner Assessment Radon Testing Firm – Pennsylvania (Cert# 3205)
  • Radon Measurement Technician – Pennsylvania (Cert# 3204)
  • Radon Measurement Professional – Illinois (Cert # RN120231965)

Radon Mitigation Certification

  • National Radon Proficiency Program: Radon Mitigation Professional (Cert # 112245 RMS)
  • Radon Mitigation Contractor – Ohio (RC384)
  • Radon Mitigation Specialist – Ohio (RS616)
  • Partner Assessment Radon Mitigation Firm – Pennsylvania (Cert# 3205)
  • Radon Mitigation Individual – Pennsylvania (Cert# 3204)

Asbestos Certification

  • New York State Asbestos Inspector (Cert # 13-11651)
  • Bachelor of Science, Biology, Rutgers University’s Cook College in New Jersey


  • New Jersey Regulatory Training in Underground Storage Tanks
  • NRPP Advance Certification Course for Radon Testing in Multifamily Buildings
  • NRPP Advance Certification Course for Radon Testing in Large Buildings and Schools
  • NRPP Advance Certification Course for Radon Mitigation in Multifamily Buildings


Ms. Cotter serves as a Technical Director for Partner Engineering and Science (Partner), managing environmental due diligence projects such as Phase I Environmental Site Assessments, Transaction Screen Assessments, Desktop Reviews, and Property Condition Reports in accordance with ASTM E1527 standards and EPA’s All Appropriate Inquiry (AAI) requirements as well as customized client formats.

Additionally, Ms. Cotter manages industrial hygiene projects such as asbestos, lead, mold, and radon surveys. Ms. Cotter has managed hundreds of due diligence and industrial hygiene projects across the United States and has performed hundreds of assessments associated with real estate transactions in the Northeast on multi-family apartment buildings/complexes, commercial office buildings, shopping centers, multi-tenant commercial complexes, industrial warehouses and manufacturing facilities, gas stations, auto repair facilities, and dry-cleaning facilities.

Ms. Cotter’s expertise includes radon measurement in multifamily and healthcare buildings. Since becoming certified she has been dedicated to raising radon awareness through continuing education, mentoring colleagues, and contributing resources to refine radon practices. Ms. Cotter is familiar with state specific radon regulations and requirements established to oversee radon activities including minimum qualifications, required protocols, and reporting.


  • 13 years in the environmental and industrial hygiene industry
  • New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Preliminary Assessments
  • Agency including Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and Housing and Urban Development (HUD)
  • Small Business Association (SBA)
  • Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities (CMBS)
  • Lead inspections, Asbestos and Mold surveys
  • Radon Testing Assessments
  • Radon Mitigation Installations

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