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March 8, 2018

Partner Engineering and Science, Inc. Promotes Back to Business Recruitment Program

By Partner ESI


Partner Engineering and Science, Inc. has established a successful recruitment program for corporate professionals in all disciplines who have taken extended leaves from the workplace.

Launched by Chief Operating Officer Monique Burrola, “Back to Business” aims to leverage the considerable skillset and knowledge of a diverse and untapped pool of talent while providing them with stability, support and opportunity for growth.

“There are many challenges and obstacles for employees to reintegrate into a corporate setting, but also for employers in finding them,” says Burrola. “These are genuinely smart and valuable employees, but they might but too afraid to apply or inquire because they feel unqualified.”

Whether taking time off to raise children, care for a family member, or for other personal reasons, it is especially difficult to resume a career in today’s fast-paced business environment, where evolution of industry specialties can leave workers behind and technology changes so rapidly.

Burrola was inspired to create the program by Partner Executive Dana Derhake, who often reached out informally to friends and acquaintances that had taken extended maternal leaves of absence for open positions at Partner. Another hire, recruited informally at a school event by a Principal at Partner, started off as a part-time employee and is now a full-time operations manager.

“These have always turned out to be great hires for Partner. Very smart and experienced and a terrific fit for the company,” reflects Burrola. “It made me realize that there is a whole population of professionals out there that we don’t even know about, and we needed to attract them by creating a more formal recruitment initiative.”

Started in February of 2016 as prototype, Back to Business recruited through multiple digital channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Partner’s Careers page. The efforts resulted in two hires for Partner’s environmental engineering and accounting divisions, both of whom are still with the company.

The program is predicated on four basic principles of long-term success. Employees can benefit from a flexible working schedule, whether they’d like to transition back to a full-time schedule or prefer to continue working part-time. Partner provides necessary training or certification employees may not be current on. The company provides a welcoming, secure environment that builds confidence, expertise, and business relationships. Most importantly, Partner provides an invaluable opportunity to resume and extend a career in one of the fastest growing small companies in America.

Back to Business, currently focused on Partner’s Southern California offices, will eventually be expanded to other regions across the country.

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