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March 11, 2021

Paul Hitchings and Dave Hunter have joined Partner’s Environmental and Water Resources Consulting teams

By Partner ESI

Partner Engineering and Science, Inc. is pleased to welcome two new faces to our Environmental and Water Resources Consulting teams: Paul Hitchings as Managing Director and Dave Hunter, PG as Technical Director. With over 45 years of combined environmental consulting experience, they are noteworthy additions with the skillset and expertise necessary to grow our Water Resources practice.

Prior to joining Partner, Mr. Hitchings and Mr. Hunter worked closely together at both CBRE and ATC, an Atlas Company, providing environmental consulting and engineering services. They approached their clients as a seamless enterprise from ESAs, to Phase IIs, to remediation without any noticeable exchange of staff along the way. At Partner, this duo will maintain that synergy while also specializing in Groundwater Resource Management to help preserve and optimize our groundwater resources alongside Partner’s Andy Zdon, PG, CHG, CEG, Technical Director of Water Resources and Robert Traylor, PG, CHG, Technical Director of Site Mitigation. Mr. Hitchings has particular expertise managing client relations for water banking and natural resource related work, while Mr. Hunter specializes in bringing sophisticated technical solutions to diverse projects in natural resources, sustainability, and environmental consulting.

“Paul and Dave bring incredible value to the Partner team and our clients in how they combine their multidisciplinary environmental expertise with engineering, construction, and sustainability elements to produce solutions that are greater than the sum of its parts,” said Bob Geiger, Executive Director.

Projects they have worked on include:

  • Aquifer Restoration and Sustainability, United States – Oversaw client relations, data receipt/analysis, and report of delivery of water banking/aquifer recharge programs to a natural resources/renewable energy company. Partner produced detailed reports under monitoring and operational constraint plans (MOCP) for irrigation districts.
  • 7,000-Acre Agricultural Acquisition Due Diligence Project, United States – Aided in the determination of property suitability and investment for continued agricultural production through the completion of numerous Phase I ESAs, Irrigation and Water Well Sampling, Threatened/Endangered Species Reviews, NEPA Surveys, and Cultural/Natural Resources reviews.
  • Environmental Impact and Management Projects, United States – Evaluated subsurface conditions for large tracts in separate parts of California’s Central Valley in relation to planned use. Partner developed strategies for targeted assessment and management of adverse conditions related to petroleum, naturally occurring inorganic materials and per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) from agricultural yard operations and off-property sources.

Paul Hitchings, MBA – Managing Director

As Managing Director and Relationship Manager for Partner, Mr. Hitchings is responsible for the generation, oversight, management, and review of environmental and engineering due diligence services, all while providing a seamless experience to his clients throughout the entirety of their project. Mr. Hitchings brings with him over 15 years of experience in the industry and is an excellent resource to his clients due to his ability to speak both the environmental language and the financial language to help achieve client goals; offering solutions to appease loan-to-value while addressing environmental impairment.

His experience includes the performance and management of environmental due diligence from Phase I through Phase II ESAs, Monitoring and Operations Constraint Plans (MOCP’s) for aquifer recharging/water banking, irrigation well sampling, geophysical investigations, third-party transaction reviews, NEPA Assessments, and various industrial hygiene services. Mr. Hitchings has worked with a wide range of client types including financial institutions, private investment/equity groups, venture capital organizations, and natural and renewable resource stakeholders through the solution-oriented conveyance and quantification of risk.

“I was excited to join Partner for three main reasons: Partner’s reputation, Partner’s footprint, and Partner’s client and product diversity,” said Mr. Hitchings. “My job is not done until my clients’ projects close, so being able to provide quality products to both my equity and financial clients across the nation was an important factor in my decision to join.”

Mr. Hitchings has an MBA degree as well as a B.S. degree in biology and ecology from the University of Texas. To learn more and connect with Mr. Hitchings, click here.

Dave Hunter, PG – Technical Director

As Technical Director supporting Partner’s Phase II, Site Mitigation, and Water Resources practices. Mr. Hunter will be leveraging Partner’s considerable environmental and property consulting experts to manage complex projects for environmental, natural resources, and facility conditions. Mr. Hunter has diverse environmental consulting experience and a 30-year reputation of achieving client focused outcomes using innovative techniques, focused technology, and accurate presentation of information for client or regulatory consumption. Mr. Hunter’s technical background covers impacted site management with integration of assessment and remediation, transaction environmental due diligence, natural and cultural resources consulting, environmental compliance services, vapor barrier design, decommissioning and demolition, Brownfields consulting, industrial hygiene, specialty/remedial construction management, geophysics, and geological engineering and consulting. Representative client types include renewable and natural resource stakeholders, financial institutions, REITs, property managers and owners, telecommunications, manufacturing and distribution, institutions, and government entities.

“I view Partner as the industry leader in the due diligence and transaction services sector,” said Mr. Hunter. “I look forward to using my skillsets to further enhance Partner’s position as well as grow it in other environmental consulting segments.”

Mr. Hunter is a registered Professional Geologist and has an M.S. degree in geology from Fort Hays State University as well as a B.S. degree in geology from Furman University. To learn more and connect with Mr. Hunter, click here.

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